Banana-features a sweet, fresh, authentic taste.

Black Cherry-a smooth rum with the sweet, slightly tart, flavor of handpicked cherries.

Blueberry Lemonade-with sweet fruity flavors and tangy tastes of lemon, this rum packs a punch of flavor.

Citrus-a perfect balance between the three similar, yet distinct, flavors of lemon, lime and grapefruit.

Coconut-smoothly blended quality rum and the natural, creamy flavor of coconut.

Guava-an adventurous, exotic flavor with mild tartness.

Key Lime-adds the sweet and tangy taste of key lime to its blend of fine rum, creating a spirit perfect for slowing down a summer afternoon.


Mango-delivers the sweet, bold, tropical flavor of ripe mangos. It’s exceptionally smooth and refreshing on a hot summer day.

Passion Fruit-the taste of fresh passion fruit, extraordinary flavor, bright fruity aroma and a sweet citrusy finish.

Peach-the sweet, juicy taste of ripe peaches reminiscent of the summer season’s finest fruit harvest.

Pineapple-like sipping straight from a pineapple, this rum is bursting with fresh pineapple flavor.

Raspberry-features the rich flavor of real, fresh-picked raspberries.

Strawberry-this rum highlights the sweet taste of ripe strawberries.


Tropical Fruit-sweet cherry punch with hints of citrus and vanilla

Vanilla-a rum that is rich, robust and bursting with natural vanilla flavor. Perfect for dessert!

Cruzan Rum-Flavors